Cafe Terroir

An extraordinary space with a magnificent view so appealing to visitors

Enjoy a delicious meal together with the seasonal scenery at Shosenkyo Gorge, one of Yamanashi’s most popular sightseeing spots, and the experience will vividly remain in your memory.
We hope that both tourists and local residents will savor Yamanashi as it is.

  • Popular pizza introduced in a TV show, Osama no Brunch

    A sweet pizza topped with fruit confiture made of Yamanashi-grown grapes and peaches.
    The nutty flavor of coconuts sprinkled on top and the rich flavor of vanilla ice cream create a delicious harmony.

  • Pizza made with wild bracken shoots picked in Shosenkyo Gorge

    This is a pizza that can only be experienced here. It is topped with wild bracken shoots, bacon, onions, and plenty of cheese.
    Enjoy the distinctive taste, texture, and fragrance of wild bracken shoots.

  • Pizza made famous nationwide by a popular TV show, Banana-man’s Sekkaku Gurume

    A sweet pizza with modestly sweet confiture made of Yamanashi-grown grapes.
    Enjoy the harmony of nutty coconut flavor, the pungent flavor of yogurt, and rich vanilla ice cream.

  • Hashed beef rice made with Koshu Wine Beef

    Koshu Wine Beef is beef from the cattle grown with grape pulp left after the juice is squeezed to be made into wine.
    The beef is simmered together with lots of vegetables and demi-glace sauce to make our special dish.

  • Stewed veggie soup curry

    This vegetarian curry contains absolutely no animal-derived ingredients.
    The slowly stewed vegetables make the stock not only sweet and delicious but also gentle to your body.

  • Chicken curry made of Koshu Chicken

    The chicken meat is stewed in white wine until it becomes very tender. The spicy curry roux has a hidden flavor that comes from peaches and grapes grown in Yamanashi. Enjoy the harmony of the spices and sweet flavor of fruit brought in the roux.

  • Yamanashi fruit gelato

    Our homemade gelato contains plenty of grapes and peaches grown in Yamanashi, the “Kingdom of Fruit”, so it is very rich in taste.

  • Handmade jam of the fruit

    This modestly sweet homemade jam brings out the flavor and texture of the natural ingredients.
    Perfect for a gift.